Zuljana, a small village on the south shores of the Peljesac peninsula.

Views on the Peljesac peninsula

This is a typical seaside village with a lovely sandy beach, a long pier to protect it from the winds, dozen of beach houses lined up in a row, and there are 4 camping places. Zuljana. is  a place where you come to chill out by the sea, to enjoy the views, and to sip some good local red wine. Zuljana is a popular spot for divers. The scenery is breath-taking. A perfect spot to enjoy the nature, and explore many hidden coves, bays and small pebble beaches in the area.

The main village beach is a sandy beach with shallow, warm waters. In the vicinity of the village, you’ll find many small peblle beaches with crystal clear waters. The most popular is the Vucine Beach located in the bay of the same name.  The village gets busy in the summer with locals, tourists, and day visitors from the neighboring interior villages. The rest of the year, the village is sleepy, peaceful and quite.

Peljesac peninsula: Panorama of Zuljana

Typical seaside village - Zuljana Peljesac Peninsula

Beach in Zuljana, peljesac peninsula

Beach in Zuljana, peljesac peninsula

Beautiful sea in Zuljana, Peljesac peninsula

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